About Us


The Rhode Island Ovarian Cancer Alliance was formed in honor/memory of Jessica Morris. Jessica was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer just two weeks after her 18th birthday in October 2005. She underwent a full hysterectomy followed by several rounds of chemotherapy. It was at this point Jessica made it her mission to educate and raise awareness about ovarian cancer. Within a month of her surgery, she was back at Lincoln High School, educating her former classmates about ovarian cancer symptoms and warning signs.

Several months after Jessica completed her chemotherapy her cancer returned. The next couple of years Jessica continued her battle going through additional surgeries and treatments. On August 29, 2008, surrounded by family and friends Jessica lost her courageous battle.  

When Jessica was first diagnosed it became her mission to educate and raise awareness about this horrific disease. We partnered with a national organization back in 2007 to bring education and awareness to the state of Rhode Island since there was no local ovarian cancer organization.  

In December 2015, we separated from the national organization and formed the Rhode Island Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Our mission is to strive, educate and raise awareness about ovarian cancer for earlier detection. Provide support and resources to ovarian cancer survivors and their families with a grass roots effort led by inspired and passionate people.